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Welcome to the world of my imagination and wonder- always staying youthful.

I started this book on a flight to Hong Kong. Often when you are away from technology, you get the opportunity to think about meaningful experiences of life. I took a break and kept updating yearly.

I've wanted to write a picture book since I was a young girl and never knew how to do it. A few decades later...violà.

It always has been difficult to grow up with two cultures. One of eastern culture- full of loud noises, directness, chopsticks, barefoot indoors, and vibrant and western culture- calm, polite, formal, forks, shoes in doors, and history.

A year later, covid happened, and I started to relook at my book. My 9 year old son was the one who encouraged me to keep going. It is amazing the cheerleaders you don't notice around you.

5 years later, here is Mama's Love Language. I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think!

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