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Elisa Stad, for the majority of her career, was a brand and international business executive for luxury goods and consumer product companies. After experiencing working in over 40 countries, she acquired a passion for globalization and the sharing of cultures based on her experiences. Elisa is also focused on inspiring the youth through her efforts in healthcare inequities through Stad Center of Pain, Palliative, and Integrative Medicine and serves on college boards at USC, UCSF and Harvard.  

About the Author

image of Elisa Stad author reading the book Mama's Love Language

Elisa grew up in a mixed-race household, as a daughter of a Vietnamese refugee mother and American father. She grew up in a multicultural home, searching for identity. She also moved homes often in her childhood including to Asia and within the US to Idaho and California. 


She always wanted to share with other young children the beauty of humanity and how we can celebrate our unique gifts. You can find her enjoying ballet, visiting local Asian street markets, practicing yoga, and focusing on her spiritual practice. Elisa lives in Southern California with her husband, 3 children and a bernedoodle.  

family walking and holding hands

"Cultural diversity is the fabric of society and the tapestry of human experience."

- Christina Rees​

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